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This room type is equivalent to 1 room and can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids below 12 years or it is also comfortable for 3 adults.

1 BR

This is significantly larger to a studio room type. It is equivalent to 2 rooms and can accommodate 3 adults and 2 kids below 12 years or 4 adults.

2 BR

This is the largest room we offer to our members. It is equivalent to 3 rooms and can accommodate 5 adults and 2 kids below 12 years or 6 adults. This room type is perfect for a large family.



This is a high-demand season. If you prefer holidaying during the 'peak' season i.e. during school/college vacations or festival weeks, the Red Season works best for you.


This is an intermediate demand season, which isn’t the peak season but definitely not an off-peak season either.


This is the lean season or the low demand season.

NOTE: The designations of seasons may vary with each resort. Some resorts in highly popular destinations may not have a low season.

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